Zorro - der tollkühne Caballero (1936)
poster Zorro - der tollkühne Caballero
6.1/10 (98 Stimmen)

Originaltitel:The Bold Caballero (Originaltitel)

Land:Vereinigte Staaten, 67 Minuten


Genre:Action, Komödie, Abenteuer, Western, Romanze

Regisseur:Wells Root


Nummer: 1069

Don Diego is fighting for the peons against the Commandante. Shortly after the Governor and his daughter Isabella arrive, the Governor is killed and marked with a Z. When Don Diego's identity as Zorro is revealed to Isabella, she has the Commandante arrest him as the killer. But he convinces her the Commandante was the killer as the Z was backwards.


photo Robert Livingston
Robert Livingston Don Diego Vega / Zorro
photo Heather Angel
Heather Angel Lady Isabella Palma
photo Sig Ruman
Sig Ruman Commandante Sebastian Golle
photo Ian Wolfe
Ian Wolfe The Priest
photo Robert Warwick
Robert Warwick Governor Palma
photo Emily Fitzroy
Emily Fitzroy Lady Isabella's chaperone
photo Charles Stevens
Charles Stevens Captain Vargas
photo Walter Long
Walter Long Guard
photo Soledad Jiménez
Soledad Jiménez Indian woman
photo Ferdinand Munier
Ferdinand Munier Landlord

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