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Nummer: 1293

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6.2/10 (1159 Stimmen)

Land: USA, 123 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Komödie, Romanze, Musical, Klassiker

Regisseur: Charles Walters

It's the early 1900's. The Wonder Circus is a traveling circus owned and operated by Anthony Wonder - who performs as a clown - and his daughter Kitty Wonder - who performs as an aerialist and trick rider. Although Kitty loves her Pop as she and all the other circus performers call her father, she hates his gambling addiction which is placing the circus deep in debt. They and their employees treat the circus like one big family, especially Lulu the fortune teller who wants to be Mrs. Wonder, but the employees may only be so loyal if they aren't getting paid. As such, many of the performers leave or threaten to leave to join the Wonder Circus' main competitor, the Noble Circus owned by the power and money hungry John Noble. Although Pop and Kitty don't want anyone to leave their employ, the only act that they will never let go is Jumbo, their trained elephant, who Noble had tried to buy in the past. As many performers leave, into their midst comes circus Jack-of-all-trades Sam Rawlins....


photo Doris Day Doris Day Kitty Wonder
photo Stephen Boyd Stephen Boyd Sam Rawlins
photo Jimmy Durante Jimmy Durante Anthony 'Pop' Wonder
photo Martha Raye Martha Raye Lulu
photo Dean Jagger Dean Jagger John Noble
photo Lynn Wood Lynn Wood Tina
photo Robert Burton Robert Burton Madison
photo Norman Leavitt Norman Leavitt Eddie
photo Grady Sutton Grady Sutton Driver
photo Poodles Hanneford Poodles Hanneford Circus Performers

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Seitenformat: 2.35:1