Die Märchenbraut (13 Episoden) - Staffel 01 (1979)
poster Die Märchenbraut   (13 Episoden) - Staffel 01
8.4/10 (1210 Stimmen)

Originaltitel:Die Märchenbraut (Englischer Titel)


Filmsprachen:Deutsch, Tschechisch

Genre:Komödie, Fantasy, Märchen

Regisseur:Václav Vorlícek


Nummer: 140

Princess Arabela, the daughter of the King of the fairy tale world escapes before the revenge of a cunning and deceitful magician Rumburak and leaves the world of fairy tales. She meets Petr Majer in the human world and falls in love with him. Spells, a magic ring, the crystal ball, a flying suitcase and magic things play a very important role in the series.


photo Vladimír Mensík
Vladimír Mensík Karel Majer, 13 episodes, 1979
photo Stella Zázvorková
Stella Zázvorková Mrs. Majerová, 13 episodes, 1979
photo Jirí Lábus
Jirí Lábus Rumburak, 13 episodes, 1979
photo Jana Nagyová
Jana Nagyová Princess Arabela, 13 episodes, 1979
photo Vladimír Dlouhý
Vladimír Dlouhý Petr Majer, 12 episodes, 1979

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Seitenformat: 4:3