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Nummer: 3546

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6.8/10 (11467 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: Thunderheart (Originaltitel)

Land: USA, 119 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Thriller, Krimi, Mystery, Spielfilm

Regisseur: Michael Apted

An FBI man with Sioux background is sent to a reservation to help with a murder investigation, where he has to come to terms with his heritage. Slowly he rejects the intimidating tactics of his fellow FBI agents, who are not so interested in solving the crime as covering up an incriminating situation with the locals, and as he becomes more tuned to his heritage, the locals begin trusting him. Based on actual Reservation occurrences of the '70s.


photo Val Kilmer Val Kilmer Ray Levoi
photo Sam Shepard Sam Shepard Frank Coutelle
photo Graham Greene Graham Greene Walter Crow Horse
photo Fred Ward Fred Ward Jack Milton
photo Fred Dalton Thompson Fred Dalton Thompson William Dawes
photo John Trudell John Trudell Jimmy Looks Twice
photo Patrick Massett Patrick Massett Agent Mackey
photo Rex Linn Rex Linn FBI Agent
photo Sheila Tousey Sheila Tousey Maggie Eagle Bear
photo Ted Thin Elk Ted Thin Elk Grandpa Sam Reaches

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