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The Fallen 2 (2008)  link to The Fallen 2 on IMDb  

Nummer: 4176

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Originaltitel: The Sky Has Fallen (Originaltitel)

Land: USA,

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Drama

Regisseur: Douglas Curtis

Out of deceit, betrayal, and murder, can reconciliation and forgiveness arise? Forged in the hot west Texas wind, the Allen brothers grew up. Johnny and Coy had the same parents, same environment and had the same advantages and disadvantages. Yet they would grow up to be so different. Coy, the younger Allen brother, grew up to be a successful minister, Johnny, a death row inmate. With years of separation and a wall of bitterness and rage, can these two men come together, can there be reconciliation? This is a story of murder, mystery and redemption. Dr. Coy Allen is a preacher, an evangelist, a minister of the Gospel. But, there is one man that he had never even tried to reach. Now after years of silence, with his execution looming, Johnny Allen is asking to see his younger brother. Can Pastor Coy Allen bring himself to forgive his older brother; can he practice what he preaches?


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