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Tödliche Versuchung (2013)  link to Tödliche Versuchung on IMDb  

Nummer: 4508

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6.6/10 (88 Stimmen)

Land: Germany, 90 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Drama, Krimi, Spielfilm

Regisseur: Johannes Fabrick

Video-Codec: Unknown

When the green box is being delivered, organic farmer Helena (Julia Koschitz) stumbles over the dashing David (Vladimir Burlakov), a law student and starts an affair with him. In fourteen years of marriage, Helena and Thomas (Marcus Mittermeier) have transformed the infatuation of the first years into a dependable, constant affection. But her husband feels that she is keeping something from him. He spies on her, challenges David, and kills him.Later there is silence between the spouses. Then the detective is at the door because the review of David's cell phone connections leads to Helena. And then she discovers what Thomas has done. Only now there is a debate. They want to save the marriage and cover up the murder.



photo Marcus Mittermeier Marcus Mittermeier Thomas Kettner / Husband
photo Vladimir Burlakov Vladimir Burlakov David / Helena's lover
photo Anja Knauer Anja Knauer Sarah
photo Monika Baumgartner Monika Baumgartner Kati
photo Matthias Kupfer Matthias Kupfer Bernd
photo Isabella Leicht Isabella Leicht Andrea
photo Tilo Prückner Tilo Prückner Jochen
photo Julia Koschitz Julia Koschitz Helena Kettner / Wife
photo Lara Sophie Rottmann Lara Sophie Rottmann Lisa / Daughter
photo Patrick Geller Patrick Geller Sebastian / Son

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Seitenformat: Unknown