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Nummer: 4604

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5.5/10 (190 Stimmen)

Land: Germany, 125 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Drama, Spielfilm

Regisseur: Jan Bonny

Video-Codec: Unknown

Becky, Tommi and Maik form a right-wing terror cell that lives in the underground and is dreaming of country-wide attention. Entangled in a complex relationship of love, hate and friendship, they follow a path of destruction that leads to a series of violent crime. Their alleged values such as honor, pride and loyalty decline due to their increasing disorientation.



photo Thomas Schubert Thomas Schubert Tommi
photo Lars Eidinger Lars Eidinger
photo Kazim Demirbas Kazim Demirbas Matrose
photo Peter Eberst Peter Eberst Kellner
photo Ricarda Seifried Ricarda Seifried Becky
photo Jean-Luc Bubert Jean-Luc Bubert Maik
photo Bilal Bahadir Bilal Bahadir Sohn 2
photo Judith Bohle Judith Bohle Susann
photo Dolunay Gördüm Dolunay Gördüm Sohn 1
photo Franziska Hartmann Franziska Hartmann Cindy

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Seitenformat: 2.35:1