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Die zwölf Monate (1956)  link to Die zwölf Monate on IMDb  

Nummer: 375

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7.6/10 (803 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: Dvenadtsat mesyatsev (Originaltitel)

Land: Soviet Union, 55 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Animation, Familie

Regisseur: Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Mikhail Botov

Winter. Royal Palace. The young queen is taking classes. The professor talks about the seasons, and when she mentions spring snowdrops, the queen declares that she wants to have them in her palace immediately. The professor tries to convince her that it is impossible in January, but the queen issues a decree where she promises the same basket of gold for a basket of flowers. The greedy Stepmother and her lazy Daughter, upon learning of the royal reward, immediately send the Stepdaughter into the forest for snowdrops.


photo Tatyana Barysheva (Stimme) Tatyana Barysheva (Stimme) The Stepmother
photo Grigoriy Shpigel (Stimme) Grigoriy Shpigel (Stimme) The Gardener
photo Georgiy Vitsin (Stimme) Georgiy Vitsin (Stimme) The Crow / The Herald / The Parrot / The February
photo Aleksey Gribov (Stimme) Aleksey Gribov (Stimme) The January
photo Vladimir Volodin (Stimme) Vladimir Volodin (Stimme) The Wolf
photo Erast Garin (Stimme) Erast Garin (Stimme) The Professor (uncredited)
photo Yuliya Yulskaya (Stimme) Yuliya Yulskaya (Stimme) The Daughter
photo Lyudmila Kasatkina (Stimme) Lyudmila Kasatkina (Stimme) The Stepdaughter
photo Galina Novozhilova (Stimme) Galina Novozhilova (Stimme) The Queen
photo Gennadiy Malyshev (Stimme) Gennadiy Malyshev (Stimme)

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Seitenformat: Unknown