Yancy Derringer ( 10 Kurzfilme ) (1958)
poster Yancy Derringer   ( 10 Kurzfilme )
8.1/10 (221 Stimmen)

Land:Vereinigte Staaten,


Genre:Action, Abenteuer, Western

Regisseur:Richard Sale, William F. Claxton, Edward O. Denault, Boris Sagal


Nummer: 285

Yancy Derringer, an ex-Confederate soldier turned gambler, was a suave lady's man in New Orleans, Louisiana. In reality, he was working for John Colton, the civil administrator of the city. Yancy's job was to prevent crime and if necessary, arrest the culprits. His constant companion was Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah an Indian who watches Yancy's back.


photo Jock Mahoney
Jock Mahoney Yancy Derringer, 34 episodes, 1958-1959
photo X Brands
X Brands Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah, 34 episodes, 1958-1959
photo Kevin Hagen
Kevin Hagen John Colton, 31 episodes, 1958-1959
photo Frances Bergen
Frances Bergen Madame Francine, 19 episodes, 1958-1959
photo Richard Devon
Richard Devon Jody Barker, 12 episodes, 1958-1959
photo Larry J. Blake
Larry J. Blake Jailer, 11 episodes, 1958-1959
photo Bill Walker
Bill Walker Obadiah, 7 episodes, 1958-1959
photo Kelly Thordsen
Kelly Thordsen Colorado Charlie, 5 episodes, 1959
photo Patricia Blair
Patricia Blair Goldy, 5 episodes, 1959
photo Lisa Lu
Lisa Lu Miss Mandarin, 4 episodes, 1958-1959

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